Association Nautique Hautaise

Welcome to our Sailing School!

We are a team of professional sailing instructors passionnate about water sports and the ocean. It is our pleasure to share our passion and skills with you.

Our Sailing School is opened from March to November. We offer a wide range of activities from catamarans to sand yachts, kayaks and paddle boards.


Our fleet is composed of different types of catamarans, fitted for various levels and ages:
  • KL 10.5 (10 feet, fitted for children)
  • Erplast S (12 feet)
  • Topaz 14 (14 feet)
  • Topaz 16 (16 feet catamarans, adult sized)

Whether you are 7 or 99 years old, there are several ways you can come sail on one of our catamarans:

  • TRAINING SESSIONS: Subscribe for a 5-day course. For 2 hours a day, you will be part of one of our 4 learning groups depending on your age and level of practice. Under the care of one of our sailing instructor, discover how to sail a catamaran or improve your skills! In any case we guarantee a lot fun and thrills.
  • HALF DAY SESSIONS: Every Saturday in July and August, come discover how to sail a catamaran for 3 hours with a sailing instructor.
  • PRIVATE LESSON: A sailing instructor is on board with you for 1 to 2 hours.
  • RENTING: If you have a good sailing level (justification required), you can rent a 14 or 16 feet catamaran for 1 to 2 hours.

- 7 years old and over - requires ease with water - wetsuit (you can bring your own or rent one for 12€ a week) and trainers / sneakers or neoprene sailing shoes are obligatory -

Sand Yacht

Come play with the wind and adjust your sail to gain speed!

If you are 10 and over, we offer two ways to practice sand yachting:

  • TRAINING SESSION: During the holidays, subscribe to a 3-day course (2 hours a day) with a sand yacht instructor and learn the basics of sand yachting so you can sail on your own.
  • COLLECTIVE LESSON: Subscribe for a 2-hour lesson with a sand yacht instructor. Go sail through a course or go for a ride filled with thrills.

- 10 years old and over - helmets are provided - sneakers / neoprene saling shoes / rubber boots are obligatory - feel free to bring sunglasses to protect your eyes  -


Whether you are up for a simple ride on a river to discover the beautiful landscapes of Normandy, or a more physical activity on the sea, we have your needs covered.

Our kayaks are sit on tops and mainly two-seaters.

  • RIVER RIDE: From Hyenville's Bridge (Pont de Hyenville) to La Roque's Bridge (Pont de La Roque), follow the river called La Sienne at your own pace along a 5.5km course (about 1 and a half hours).

- 7 years old and over - requires ease with water - children must be accompagnied - sneakers or neoprene sailing shoes are obligatory -

  • RENTING: For 1 hour, 2 hours or half a day, you can rent a kayak on the sea after a short safety briefing.

- 7 years old and over - children must be accompagnied - requires ease with water - wetsuit provided -

  • SPORTIVE COURSE: For the sporty ones looking for a challenge: our course from La Roque's Bridge (Pont de La Roque) to our Sailing School is 12km long (count 2 hours if you are fast). Follow the river called la Sienne to the point where it flows into the sea, then paddle alonside the coast until you reach our School. This course is a difficult one, so you will be accompagnied by one of our instructors. It requires a good knowledge of kayaking, physical strength, endurance and good general health.

- 14 years old and over - teenagers under 18 must be accompagnied - equipement provided - up to 16 people -

Stand-up paddle

Glide over the water and find your balance on a paddle board!

  • RENTING: From 1 hour up to an entire day, you can rent a paddle board and take it wherever you want: on the river, on the sea, to the Chausey islands...

And for groups between 4 and 10 people, don't hesitate to supersize it by renting Big Mama, our giant paddle board. Yes, all of you will fit on it, the biggest challenge is just to stay coordinated and not fall over board: fun times guaranteed!

- 10 years old and over - requires ease with water - children must be accompagnied - equipement provided -

  • INTRODUCTORY COURSE: During 2 hours, an instructor will teach you how to use the equiment and to get around easily.

- 12 years old and over - requires ease with water - equipement provided -

  • RIVER RIDE: Along the shores of the Sienne river, lined with apple trees, enjoy wonderful moments in nature.

- 12 years old and over - sporty people - requires ease with water - equipement provided -


During July and August, this course is dedicated to young children from 5 to 7.
For 3 days (2 hours a day), a sailing instructor introduces children to the nautical sports. The idea is to learn while having fun! Depending on the weather, children will discover something new every day: catamarans (we have catamarans of 10 feet, perfect for their sizes), sand yachts, kayaks or paddle boards.

If you register your child, make sure his / her bag contains:

  • a bathing suit
  • a hat and a pair of sunglasses (with a strap)
  • sun screen
  • old sneakers or neoprene sailing shoes
  • a towel and soap to shower
  • a complete set of dry and warm clothes
  • The wetsuit and life jacket are provided

These classes are limited, so make sure to enquire about them with us.


Aquatraining is a sport that requires good physical condition and good health.
Minimum age limit to attend is 13.

During a 90-minute session, our Sports coach and Pilates instructor, Stephane Rouchy, will help you :

  • work on cardio and muscular reinforcement
  • burn off calories
  • get rid off cellulite

After a short warm-up on the sand, you will move on to dynamic movements in the sea at waist level.

A wetsuit and access to the changing-rooms are provided.

Please contact us for any further information!

You can reach us by e-mail at info@anh-asso.fr

or by telephone at +33 2 33 47 58 37